A Tradition

You won't find other bakeries like this easily in North America. With most of the staff from France, and founded by a french expatriate, it is very much typical of a "boulangerie de quartier". 

French savoir-faire in baking has been recognized around the world for centuries, partly because it produces breads that are not only delicious but good for your health.  We take pride in the fact that we use high quality, whole ingredients producing breads that contain no fat or added sugars and with very low salt content.



We use first quality butter and carefully honed, handmade production techniques, our pastries are “perhaps the best this side of the Atlantic”, according to Porter Airlines.

Our croissants, chocolatines, and chausson aux pommes have delicate layers inside and fine crusts. Our almond croissants and almond chocolatines are sweet tooth favourites. We also make raisin and butter brioche everyday along with various kinds of scones and now rouleau à la cannelle.

Les tartelettes


The finest ingredients are the foundation for our desserts and chocolates: real cacao and real cacao butter, local and seasonal fruit whenever possible, pure butter, cream and bourbon vanilla.

From our simple butter biscuits to the most elaborate desserts that are part of French pastry patrimony like Opera and Palais royal cakes, without forgetting our macarons and mainstay desserts like cheesecakes, our trademark guarantee combines freshness and taste.

Baguettes Parisiennes


All of our breads are baked on the stone hearths of our old French oven on Murray Street. Every night, our bakers mix their recipes from the best quality, unbleached or organic flours available in commercial quantities in eastern Canada.

The traditional French poolish or levain baking techniques allow the doughs to ferment and the breads to rise slowly, providing taste you cannot get from breads made with large quantities of fast-rising yeasts.